Want to increase traffic on your site but don’t know how and need guidance then Google can help you with its Google webmaster tools.

What if I say Google itself will help you to increase traffic on your site, don’t believe it then check Google webmaster tools which give you necessary information about your site and help to drive more traffic on it. This tool is specially designed by the Google and it keeps record of your site and gives you necessary guidance regarding to that. Let’s understand this tool deeply, so you all can get idea about this tool and can understand how it works.

Learn how to use Google Webmaster Tools

webmaster tools

Site submit

First of all login to this tool with your any Google account ID and submit the link of your site there using Add a site button (kindly submit both versions i.e. www.yoursite.com & yoursite.com and then give preference to any one)

In next step you have to verify your site and there are total five methods to verify your site

  1. Google Analytics
  2. HTML file upload
  3. HTML tag
  4. Domain name provider
  5. Google tag manager (recently added)

You can choose any one and can verify your site and after that only you can proceed further.

Sitemap submit

After verifying your site you must have to submit sitemap of your site which is the heart of web master tools without it Google can’t help you

Why we use webmaster tool?

  • Can submit & check sitemap of your site
  • Can add multiple site in one account
  • Can generate & check robots.txt file for all version of site i.e. desktop, mobile
  • Can adjust crawl rate of Google bots
  • Can see and download the list of internal and external pages that linked with your site
  • Can check list of keyword which are most appeared from you site/ pages
  • Can integrate with Google Analytics tool
  • Shows how many links are indexed and can manually fetch any page URL if not indexed

These are the key features of this tool which helps with better SEO ranking of your site and provides you all necessary and deep insights if there is any issue. Use this tool and get better traffic result with your site.

A quick guidance on Google webmaster tools

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