There are various WordPress Social Media sharing plugins available on web but if you are looking for some eye catching designs then these five you should try at least once, so you can get idea about it.

Social sharing buttons are very useful in any blog because it will bring you more visitors from social media. By providing these buttons you are asking visitors to share the post and if visitor will like the post then they will share it in their social circle, so you can get new visitors from there and it is also useful for the SEO. There are various social platforms where anyone can share anything of their interest, so when any visitor will find anything special of their interest then they will share. If you provide all options of sharing to them then they have to do less work and only have to do is to click on the social sharing button and post will be shared on their profile. So, here are some options which you want to try as all they have is good design and all possible social sharing platforms.

Floating Social Share Bar

Floating Social Share Plugin

This one is nicely designed and with floating facility plugin which allows all well known social sharing options. This is a free WP plugin which is compatible with all WordPress 3.1 or higher versions. Various button options are available with this pulgin any you can select any one from them

Jetpack Sharing

Jetpack Sharing Buttons

Basically jetpack is not only social sharing plugin but it comes with various options and social sharing is one of them. After installing this plugin you have to activate this option and after that you can find all buttons at end of post

Digg Digg

Digg Digg Sharing Plugin

This is also a floating sharing button which is always present on the screen and also provides great experience to all visitors. This is compatible with all WordPress 2.3 or higher versions which also provides email and print options

DC Simple Share Buttons

DC Simple Share Plugin

This one is special social sharing button because you can place it anywhere in the post by just posting special code in article. So, you can add button anywhere in whole post and that’s why visitors can easily get it and share it

All these are free now we will see one paid social sharing plugin

Monarch by Elegant themes

Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

This one is really special and attractive as it offers various designs of buttons and also you can place it at any corner of the page. Various display options are also offered by this plugin which is very attractive. If you want to buy this then it is a very good deal

These are the 5 WordPress Social Media sharing plugins that you should try at least once. If like this then share it with others and also comment below.

5 WordPress Social Media sharing plugins that you should try

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