If you are a blogger and you are worried about performance of your blog then these blogging tools can help you and will make you tension free.

There are various blogging tools on internet you can find but here I am going to suggest those five tools which I personally experienced. I bet you after using these tools you can feel relax and if you have just entered in this field then these tools are like blessing for you. So, let’s see all of them one by one.

blogging tools

Useful Blogging Tools

Copy Scape

  • Most of the bloggers don’t write blog posts by their own and they hire writer for that or a freelancer who can write post for you. This is not a wrong thing, but sometimes what they do is they will copy some related article from web and will submit you. If you directly put that article on your blog then you may face some serious problem. During such condition this tool is helpful because this tool wind find you the copy content. Just submit link there of specific page and it will show you the result if same article is published on other site or not.

Site liner

  • What copy scale does is to find same content on other site but what about your own site? If our own site is based on specific topic then it is obvious thing that in every post we are writing some similar things. This can be problem if you are repeating the same thing at extreme level. So, to check your own site word by word this site liner tool is helpful. Apart from copy thing this tool will analyze your whole site will provide you very useful data like sitemap, no follow and no index links’ list and various others.

Google Analytics

  • Through this tool you can track your site and it will give you data about visitors means numbers of visitors who have visited your site and from them how many of them visited again and how many are new? Apart from that it shows you data like from which country of the world visitors are coming and which OS they are using and also shows whether they are mobile users or desktop. You can also see live visitors on your site.


  • What this tool does is that it submits your website link to various search engines, so search spiders crawl your site and get placed in search result easily. If you are new or your blog is new then this tool is very helpful.

Windows live writing

  • This is an offline tool which you have to download it from official site. This toll provides you the great experience of writing means you can change fonts, color and various other facilities and this is compatible with both Blogger and WordPress platform.

So, these 5 blogging tools can help you to be more productive and if you too find these tools useful then kindly let us know in comment section below and also share with your friends.

5 useful blogging tools that can make your blog productive

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