Can’t believe this? but yes it is true; you can increase blog traffic without SEO.

As we all know that SEO is the best way to increase traffic on a blog as it helps your site to get listed in SERP. But for new sites SEO doesn’t work well or I can say SEO is helpful when your site becomes old (nearly about 1-2 months). Due to huge competition and search engine algorithm update, your site ranking in SERP gets change and it is not fixed that your site will appear on top position every time. Due to that traffic on your site may down.

If you have just started a new blog or due to some reason SEO doesn’t work well and your site is not appearing on SERP and then also you want to increase blog traffic then you can try these easy ways.

Ways to increase blog traffic without SEO

Increase blog traffic without SEO


Guest Posting

This is the best method to get quality traffic on your blog and also helps to build backlinks. Just write the great post and submit it to another blog which accepts guest post. Some famous guest blogs are Ezine articles, Articles base and Article alley. Here you can submit your guest post and can get unique visitors from here and also backlinks.

Social media

If you have great social support then you can get easy traffic from there. Share your all blog posts on a social platform like Facebook, G+, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Pinterest and Tumblr. Join more and more blog post sharing groups on FB and G+ and then share your posts there.

Blogging communities and forums

In our last article we had listed some blogging communities where you can submit your blogs and from there you can get traffic. Submit your blog only on high PR communities and forums and interact with members of the communities and forums.

Video channel

Make YouTube channel and upload some videos made by you. Videos should be related to your blog niche. If you can’t make special videos then simply make PPTs and make describing the video of it. Through this, you can interact with more people.


Some famous blogs show third-party ads, so you can advertise your blog there. But keep one thing in mind that blog should be the same niche as yours and should have high traffic. You can also use Google Adwords but don’t use this until you have no any option.

So these are the 5 easy ways to increase blog traffic without SEO and I hope you liked this. If yes then kindly share this with others and also let us know any other way if you know in comment section below.

5 easy ways to increase blog traffic without SEO

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