If you are running a blog of videos and especially related with YouTube then you must have these WordPress Plugins for YouTube video.

If you are a YouTube video publisher and finding the useful plugins for that then you should try these plugins which will give you better result and your work will be done easily. There are some nice and result worthy plugins available on web for video blogs and here is the list which you can try.

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WordPress Plugins for YouTube video

  1. Video Thumbnails
  2. oEmbed in Comments
  3. YouTube Channel Gallery
  4. YouTube Upload Widget
  5. Automatic YouTube Video Post

Now let’s elaborate one by one

Video Thumbnails:

Visitors open video if he/ she like the Thumbnail shown on it. If you have set an interesting thumbnail then visitors will surely open it. So, this simple plugin is useful to set thumbnail for any video. After installing this plugin just activate it and when you paste the link of YouTube video then it will automatically set the thumbnail for it

oEmbed in Comments

There is one special protocol called oEmbed available in WordPress for YouTube, Twitter and Vimeo that to show something direct from these platforms you have to just paste a link in post. This is activated for only for pages and posts but after installing this plugin you can activate same facility for comment section also

YouTube Channel Gallery

As per oEmbed facility you can add video by just pasting YouTube video URL in WordPress. Now using this plugin you can automatically display latest videos from your channel. If you install this plugin then you can add widget in side bar and there YouTube videos will be displayed in Gallery view

YouTube Upload Widget

This plugin helps you to direct record and upload video on WordPress. After installing this plugin, you can upload record video by using your webcam and then can simply upload it

Automatic YouTube Video Post

This plugin helps you to create automatic new post of YouTube videos in WordPress as soon as you publish any new video in your channel, so it is very beneficial. New video of your channel will automatically be posted in WordPress blog

These are the best WordPress Plugins for YouTube videos and you should try these for better performance of your video blog. To get all latest updates subscribe with us and kindly share this with your friends and also comment below.

5 best WordPress Plugins for YouTube video

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