Running a blog and sharing it on social media platform then you should try these Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for WordPress to analyze all social media traffic.

I think you all are familiar with Google Analytics tool which is used to track your site. It analyzes a site and gives you data of your site like the current online user, total visit, total page views etc. It will show you all over data of your site.

But if you want to know that how many visits came from social media sharing then you should use social media monitoring tools. Analytics also shows this type data but for that you have to make some changes. But these tools are specifically designed for social media platforms and you should try these.

Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for WordPress

Best Social Media Monitoring Tools
Social Media Monitoring Tools


This highly used tool as it provides easy sharing option on all your social platforms. You can also set schedule sharing for a day, week or month. Apart from all these you can also track links, so you get an idea about your sharing status means how many people are clicking. This tool is available as browser extension also and as a mobile app also.


This is another great tool for social media sharing and analyzing. You can easily share all your data on all linked social platform from only one place. This tool offers one feature of add teams and using it you can all team members can comment and tweet on your share. You can use this tool for a data analyst and can analyze all social shares.

Facebook Insights

Facebook is used worldwide and you can keep a record of Facebook sharing. Facebook is providing like button, share button and Facebook comments facilities for your WordPress blog. Apart from this you can use this insight tool to analyze how many people are reaching to your link?

Twitter Analytics

Like Facebook insights tool, this tool is specially designed for Twitter. You can use this tool to analyze your tweets. This tool gives you info about your top tweets, mentions, profile views and impressions. Through this tool, you can easily plan your strategies for twitter.


This is a paid service which helps you to find mentions of a brand on social media. You can quickly respond to all queries of customers, media and blogs. You can see real-time statistics and can also see details analytics of your mentions across all social media.

One more tool I want to suggest here because in very short time this tool became very popular and that is


Primarily built as a prospecting and outreach tool, you can also use it to measure certain social media metrics. You will be able to see how good a post or a website is doing in social media in terms of the follower count and the number of social shares. It also allows you to see which type of posts are getting a huge amount of shares, perfect for your content research

All these Social Media Monitoring tools free to use and paid versions are also available. Apart from all these you can also use YouTube Analytics, Pinterest Analytics and Beevolve

These are the Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for WordPress you can try. Get all such updates first on your mail by subscribing with us. Kindly comment us if you know any other useful tools.

5+1 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for WordPress

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  • June 9, 2015 at 12:08 am

    Hello Jay !

    I personally use hootsuite ! It works well for me !! Yup buffer is also famous and i have heard a lot about it !!
    Will try buffer soon !

    Happy blogging !


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