If you want to give a perfect look to your blog then you must show related posts section in your blog and for that you can try any from these 5 Best Related posts WordPress Plugins.

Not only design point of view but to increase traffic also this plugin is required. If any visitor get impressed by your content and he/ she wants to read more, then these plugins are helpful. What this plugin simply does, it adds special section after the post where related posts are shown and visitor can easily read other posts. By this way visitors will spend more time on your blog and you will get loyal visitors. Here are the best Related posts WordPress Plugins and you can try anyone from that.

Best Related posts WordPress Plugins

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Related Posts by Zemanta

This plugin is very effective and also has very good design. You can easily customize this tool means what you want to show only post title or with thumbnail. There are lots of options available to customize it. This plugin is compatible with nRelate plugin, so just download it, install it and enjoy.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

This plugin is widely used and most popular plugin. This plugin supports both thumbnail and textual display of related posts. This plugin uses built-in algorithm to find related posts and gives best result.

Related posts by Microkid

This plugin is manually controlled manes user can choose which post they want to display. Reciprocal relationship is established through this plugin means if you related post 1 with 2 then it will automatically show post 1 in post 2.

Related posts by Relatify

This plugin comes with premium design which will give fresh look. With this you can also control image size of thumbnail. It gives you good mouse hover effect and also ability to control and exclude tags, pages and categories.

Contextual Related Posts

This is an automatic plugin which will display related posts at bottom of the page. You can also use short code to display this section anywhere in post. With new update more styles are added, so you can choose anyone from it.

These are the 5 Best Related posts WordPress Plugins and you can try anyone from these. To get more updates like this subscribe with us and also share this with your friends also.

5 Best Related posts WordPress Plugins you can try

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