Most common mistake is done by most of the bloggers is they always busy with new posts and forget old blog posts which they had published. You can increase your traffic 20-25% more if you take care of your old blog posts.

methods to promote old blog posts

All bloggers should not have forget that for every blog post they have done hard work, so why to waste it. You can easily increase traffic if you promote old blog posts in effective way. Here are some unique methods through which you can promote old blog posts and can get traffic through them.

Methods to promote old blog posts

  1. Related posts Plugin
  2. Popular posts plugin
  3. Regular social media sharing
  4. Interlinking old articles
  5. Custom archive pages

Now let’s get idea about all these one by one

Related posts Plugin

There are various plugins available on web which will show related posts on your blog page. Generally such related posts are shown after completion of post on each page and visitor will get idea and they will visit that post also. You can try any from these Related posts WordPress Plugin

Popular posts plugin

Not all your blog posts get same traffic. Some get high and some get less or medium. But you can display your most popular posts in side bar or at below of the post. Some plugins are also available for this which you can use.

Regular social media sharing

Generally most of the blogger share their posts one time only. But not all the followers are online at the same time, so you must share your post twice in a day. To get best response you can share your post like this.

  • First time share when you have just published your post
  • Then next day twice in a day (morning time and evening time)
  • Then after a week

Interlinking old articles

This is most common method used by all bloggers. When you are making final proof of your blog post, add some your old blog posts in between then. But make sure that you only add related posts.

Custom archive pages

You can also create custom archive page where you can display most recent, most popular, most commented posts. Also you can add best categories/ tags and search form, so visitor can find easily all things which they are looking for.

These are the best and effective ways to promote old blog posts. If you want such great tips by mail then just subscribe with us and also share this with your friends.

5 best methods to promote old blog posts

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