Google adsense is the largest advertising agency and you can earn well with that but you should know that there are various alternatives of it and using it also you can earn well. So, here we are going to let you know the best alternatives to Google Adsense.

Most of the blogger start blogging with aim to get Google adsense account and then make some decent money through it. New bloggers are also inspired by this and they only focus on it but most of them don’t know that there are various alternatives to Google adsense. These are as valuable as adsense and also the best source of it. So, following are the best alternatives to Google adsense, check it once.

Google Adsense Alternatives

Yahoo+Bing ads

  • Yahoo and Bing both combined came up with advertising networks which is powered by the and is best alternative to Google adsense. If you have good traffic from USA, Canada and UK then your site easily get approved. Payment method is with Paypal and you can withdraw it when your income reached to $100.

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Buy Sell ads

  • This is another good advertising network and most of the old bloggers are using it right now. This network pays 75% of generated revenue and payment is done via paypal with minimum income of $20. Right now BSA is the best CPM network and you can easily get approval if you have good numbers of pageviews


  • Currently the best CPC network and widely used with Google adsense in one site by the bloggers. This network is good option to Google adsense and payment is done via paypal with minimum $20 and via bank cheque with minimum $50 income


  • It is an intext advertising network means they put ad link on some of your words of your content. Payment is also secure with paypal you can withdraw the money when it reaches to $50 and via Bankwire transfer of minimum $300


  • This is an online contextual advertisement network which pays you based on CPC/PPC, CPV/PPV, CPM and/or CPI basis. It pays you through paypal with minimum amount of $50

So these are the 5 best alternatives to Google adsense and you can also try if you have good numbers of visitors on your site. If you find this helpful then share it with others and be helpful to them.

5 Best alternatives to Google Adsense

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