5 Amazing tips for beginning bloggers

This one is a Guest post from Neha (cashkaro.com) on ‘How to Blog’ blog and also a first ever guest post on this blog. So, I hope you will enjoy this because this one is very nicely written post on blogging tips for Beginning bloggers.

So maybe you just discovered that you have a knack for writing and recently started with a blog of your own.

However, it isn’t that easy as you thought it would be. From choosing blog design to hosting company, topics to categories, writing style to the frequency of posts, getting readership to use of social media; everything is overwhelming.

But do not fret! Always live by the quote that [bctt tweet=”Anyone who is an expert now was once a beginner”] Be it pursuing blogging as a hobby or as a serious profession, ensure that you follow the below listed tips to taste success sooner or later.

5 Amazing tips for beginning bloggers

tips for beginning bloggers

Write on a topic of your interest

  • It may sound like a no-brainer tip to you, but there are so many bloggers out there who start writing on something just because that topic is in trend.
  • It is important that you write on something which you love because then you will write extremely well which will help you in expressing yourself to your readers properly. When you talk on something in your interest area, it reflects clearly in your post.
  • Maintaining a blog is a great deal of work. Unless you are madly in love with what your blog represents, you will not be able to run it on a regular basis and will quit it in between.

Reliable hosting

  • It is vital that you host your blog on a trustworthy hosting company.
  • There are tons and tons of hosting companies present today, but it will be a safe bet to invest your money in renowned hosting companies like GoDaddy, Bigrock, Dreamhost and more.
  • Make use of these hosting coupons available on CashKaro.com to indulge in big savings through discounts and cash back. Go for affordable plans in beginning as you wouldn’t need much.

Be unique

  • You love makeup and you are thinking of starting with a makeup blog. But you already know that there are a gazillion makeup blogs out there who produce the same content in the form of product reviews, top 10 lists, product comparison, press notes on new launches, etc. So how is your blog going to be different from them and help you fetch some amazing readers? Think about it and draft a plan.
  • Instead of churning half-baked content and content that can be found everywhere, produce posts that leave people surprised and force them to visit your blog. Get creative and do not fear to experiment. It’s only when you will experiment that you will find new ways of working.
  • Keep a journal notebook and record every little idea coming in your head in it so that you don’t lose sight of those ideas. Shop for such notebooks or other blogging essentials at low prices with the benefit of the cash back from online shopping sites via CashKaro.com.

Set a frequency for posts

  • You must have seen blogs that are updated only 2-3 times a month. While there’s nothing wrong with it if someone is pursuing their blog just as a hobby, you must update your blog on a consistent basis if you want to take the professional approach.
  • It’s not important that you post every day. Heck! There are top bloggers who post only once a week, but those posts are such impactful and fun that they fill in the space of an entire week.
  • So make a schedule and stick with it. It’s also okay once in a while to take a break from your blog. There are moments in life when you can be caught up with too much stuff and it gets difficult to put up with your blog’s requirements in terms of both time and efforts. But when you return to your blog, ensure to make a powerful comeback!

Build visibility

  • One of the top tips of famous bloggers is a step out of your comfort zone. And it’s very true! You may be an introvert but if you want a successful blog, you will need to interact with tons of people on tons of blogs, communities and social pages to promote your blog.
  • Don’t be that annoying blogger who leaves her/his blog link everywhere with a useless comment like, “Hey, nice article”. If you don’t have much time, interact with fewer people but leave quality comments which generate interest.
  • Use sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Digg, Linkedin and many more to their full advantage.


Most importantly, never let your passion die! Never let your blog become a burden on you. As pointed above earlier too, if you think that the fire within you is settling down for your blog; take a rest if you must. But never quit! Start with a blog only if you have a never dying interest in an area.

I hope you had enjoyed these tips for beginning bloggers and if so then kindly share this in you social circle.


Jay, who loves to blog and to share experience of his blogging career. I am here to help you all those new bloggers who want to make this blogging as their career. Apart from blogging I like to make new friends and want to travel each and every corner of the World.

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