All have listened to this saying ‘Old is Gold’ and this truly matters here in blogging field. And to prove this here we How to Blog team will tell you the 4 beneficial reasons for why you should edit your old blog posts.

As we all know that for Domain authority, the domain age is one important factor. Older the domain, higher it will rank. Same for better ranking of your site your old blog posts are considered as one factor. All bloggers have to spend time on old blog posts also. This is very important because of Panda update. As we know that Panda affects low-quality content. So by editing your old blog posts you can save your site from Panda.

Why you should edit old blog posts

You are running a blog on any topic but when any visitors come on your site on any post which is one year older and has out of date content then he/ she will stay no longer on your site. So, you lost one visitor and that is not good for you. This also increases bounce rate and average time on site will be low. So, now you can think on why you should edit your old blog posts and here are the reasons.

Why you should edit old blog posts

Polish Writing

  • As you get more experience of the Blogging field, you come to know how to write blog post effectively. When you will look your old posts which are older than one year then you will find some silly mistakes related to grammar or spelling or others. This is the time to make changes in this blog post, so go for it.


  • Images are most important part of any blog post and it should be related with your post. As your blog gets older, more images are stored in a database which can slow your site speed. By referring old blog posts, you can check all images used for that particular post. Now edit those images which are big in size and change those images which are not related with a blog post.

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Update latest info

  • If you are running blog related to any technology, then you have to update your blog posts at regular interval. Due to this visitors will get latest updates and they will trust your site. Male no index or remove completely those posts which are no more useful. This can help you to save from Panda effect.


  • As time goes, it is obvious that your post will fall from top results. To prevent such falling, you must add more value to those posts which were ranking better. Find for which keyword the post was ranking and then using SEO plugins optimize it in that post, so it will rank again.

These are main reasons for why you should edit old blog posts and we hope that this will be beneficial for you. Share this in your social circle and help us to get traffic. Subscribe with us to get more latest updates.

4 beneficial reasons for why you should edit old blog posts

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