If you keep backup of all your important documents then why not of your site? If you don’t know then don’t worry learn here How to backup your WordPress site. Backup of anything is very important as it helps you recover when anything happens wrong, so to keep backup is good habit. When it comes to your WordPress site then it becomes necessary as it helps you from many problems.

If you are running blog with WP site and posting lots of posts daily and you have unique visitors, then it creates problems when anything happens wrong with your site. If you are using free hosting then there are lots of chances about that. Backup is really helpful when some problems raise like server crash or your site get hacked. There are some methods using that you can easily backup your data and we are going to learn that only.

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How to backup your WordPress site

There are various ways to backup your site data.

Method 1

  • Go to your WP dashboard
  • From tools option select export option
  • That will backup all your data and you can save it on your computer
  • Then using import option you can restore it
  • Limit of this method is that you can backup only text contents, media files will not be backed up

Method 2

  • Using various plugins you can backup your site
  • There are various plugins available which are free of cost
  • Install it and make necessary settings in that plugin
  • Recover option is also provided in that plugin to recover data

Method 3

  • You can backup all data of your site using c panel
  • In c panel there is an option to backup your site
  • Use that option and backup all data of your site
  • You can’t recover it with your self, you have to contact your hosting provider for that
  • Just give them data which you have backed up and they will recover it
  • Main advantage of this method is all plugins, media files and even all customizations are backed up

So, these are the methods to backup your site and if you find this data helpful then share it and like us on facebook and comment us.

3 Effective ways to backup your WordPress site

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